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Capella Sentosa

Dear Members,

Following the Society’s Annual General Meeting, I am pleased to present a glimpse into the Society’s extensive cellar. The AGM dinner for 2017 is entirely an old-world affair, with a primary focus on France. We will be trying many of these wines for the very first time. To begin the evening, we have a blanc de blanc champagne from Eric Rodez as the aperitif followed by a rose champagne from Ruinart to pair with the first course. I have chosen two French white wines to follow the champagnes. The first is from Alsace – Leon Beyer’s Riesling Les Escaillers 2008. The second white wine is from Burgundy - Guy Roulot’s Meursault Les Luchets 2005. For the reds, we move away from France briefly as we feature the 1996 Crianza from Hacienda Monasterio in Ribera del Duero. We come back to France and of course Bordeaux for our two last reds of the evening, a pair of Leoville Barton from 1986 and 1998. And last but not least, we finish with a 1970 vintage port from Croft. For this event, Capella Sentosa has created a delightful menu to pair with the wines we are featuring. In actual fact, we changed several of the wines in order to match the wonderful courses that will be served during dinner. The evening promises to be a fantastic night of wining and dining. I sincerely hope you will be able to join us.

I will be stepping down as President at this year's AGM as my 3-year term comes to an end. During the past 3 years, the society continues to be, in my view, the leading wine and food society in Singapore. The variety of food and wine at our events and the interplay between them continues to make our society unique and exciting. As I have stated on multiple occasions, the strength in our society lies in the fact that we have no affiliation to any particular wine region, and, thus, we can focus on quality rather than on geographical boundaries. We remain on sound footing, both in terms of membership and financial strength. I want to thank each and every committee member for his and her enthusiasm and tireless hard work over the past three years. And finally, all of this would not be possible without you, our members, for your continued support. A sincere and heartfelt thanks to everyone for the opportunity to have served as President for the past three years.


Glenn Chao



Seabass Ceviche
Ruinart Rose NV

Trio of Crispy Eggs
served with bluefin tuna tartar and seasonal fresh herbs
Leon Beyer Riesling Les Escaillers 2008

Slow Cooked Barramundi
tomato chutney on parmesan sable, spinach cream and fennel salad
Roulot Meursault Les Luchettes 2005

Ham Croquettes with sauce “Mornay”
Bodegas Hacienda Monasterio 1996

Roasted Australia Game Farm Quail Breast with potatoes and poultry rosemary jus Leoville Barton 1998
Leoville Barton 1986

85% Dark Chocolate Ganache
with crunchy Valencia almond biscuit, sauternes and pearl jello
Croft Vintage Port 1970





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