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AGM Dinner 2009
The Pines Club, Pines Grill (2nd floor)

I am pleased to announce that the Italian Nite @ Cova Event is sold out. All further reservations will be put on the waiting list on a first come first served basis. Thank you for your wonderful support.

As you would be aware, our Annual General Meeting (AGM) has been scheduled for Saturday, the 28th March 2009. A separate Notice of the AGM together with the Agenda will be sent to all of our members by separate email subsequently.

In keeping with our age old tradition, a wonderful dinner comprising of delicious food and meticulous pairing of wines will be arranged and prepared after the AGM. This year, we have a young and promising Executive Chef, John Chia, who has specially arranged and created a sumptuous meal for all of us. John single-handedly brought up the profile and brand of the Amici Italian Restaurant, which was then a small outfit situated at Holland Village, and saw to its expansion to Tanjong Pagar and now to The Central. With John’s return to the Pines, we can look forward to good and delicious food to be dished out from their kitchen.

I am grateful to Sueann who has so painstakingly taken time out to pair the menu that was created by John with a whole series of delicious Rhone wines for the night. For the first time, members will be able to choose to taste any 2 of the 3 wines that are presented and paired with the main course of the dinner; members and guests can choose to taste a mini-vertical of the Clos des Pape CDP 1995 & 1998 or alternatively, choose to compare the differences between the Clos des Pape CDP with the E.Guigal CDP.

This promises to be a wonderful and unique night of experiences and the Society proudly…

AGM Dinner 2009

Date: March 28th 2009 (Saturday)
Venue: The Pines Club, Pines Grill (2nd floor)
Address: 30 Stevens Road, Singapore
Time: 7:45pm (Reception), 8:30pm (Dinner)

Price: Member (S$170) Guest (S$200)
Dress Code: Formal Attire

Limited to 40 pax
Bookings and reservations: Please email: C T Chen at ctchen@acieslaw.com for reservations.
PLEASE NOTE: Reservations WILL NOT be considered confirmed unless the Booking Form together with Payment
is received by 23rd March 2009.

Menu Selection:

We are indeed honoured that Mr. John Chia, the Executive Chef of
The Pines Grill, has created two very special menus
for this event. Therefore, please reply with menu preference.
[See attached Folder]
* Non indication will be assumed preference for Meat Menu *
*For vegetarians, a special menu can be arranged upon request.

Wine Selection:

Lenoble NV Champagne
Domaine des Senechaux 2007 CDP Blanc
Paul Jaboulet Aine 1997 Cornas St Pierre
Domaine Colombier Hermitage 1995
Marc Sorrel Hermitage 1999
Clos des Pape CDP 1998
Clos des Pape CDP 1995
E Guigal CDP 1999
Paul Jaboulet Aine Muscat de Beaumes De Venices




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