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Whitehall Lane Dinner
In the most intimate dinner to date, 36 of our members feasted on the cuisine of visiting guest Chef Laurent Cantineaux from the much publicized restaurant – The Atlantique in Caracas, Venezuela. His restaurant is widely known as the best French restaurant in Venezuela and Chef Cantineaux is both young and extremely talented, and is well known for his bold and daring dishes. This was the first time during my presidency that we featured a visiting guest chef and members were impressed with the quality and the uniqueness of his cuisine.

We deliberately scheduled the dinner after the 4th of July, which of course, is the very well known date for the American celebration of Independence. This way, we could commemorate the auspicious event with our American members, who form the largest group within our society, after the locals. The wines featured were from Whitehall Lane, a multiple award winning winery and producer of some of the finest wines coming from California. The entertainment was also American, and we were presented with an acappella rendition of The Star Spangled Banner by four of our U.S. members.



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