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Message from the President
As the name “International Wine & Food Society” suggests, our society is one where both food and wine are accorded equal importance. We are the only gastronomic society in Singapore where both 'food' and 'wine' appears on our name as the balanced emphasis on both the quality of the food as well as the wine allow us to celebrate the virtues of each. Fine wine matched with the right food achieves harmony and concordance of its constituents, with no rough edges showing. Our Society strives to demonstrate finesse and balance.

We also endeavor to be 'International' in every sense of the word. We recognize that no single country or culture can claim monopoly to great food, but that every country produces delicious food. The food served for our functions should therefore be 'International' because we wish to celebrate the diversity and richness of each cuisine. Similarly, wine should be enjoyed in all its variety and our society savours and enjoys wine from many diverse wine producing nations.

Most importantly, we wish to emphasize that great food and wine are only secondary to the most important ingredient of a good society, which is convivium and fellowship. No society can be successful if members do not revel in each other's company. Camaraderie and merriment at functions is the social glue that holds the society together, and enhances the great food and wines that are present.

The President, International Wine & Food Society Singapore




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